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The Mug Shot Project


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This is part of an on-going project to fully engage audiences to have fun in art galleries and to allow them to become part of the actual exhibition itself.  

-          The mug shot background (a white board with horizontal lines showing different heights) will be set up in one corner of the gallery.

-          Everyone who turns up for the Opening of the show will have an opportunity to pose for a mug shot. All they have to do is invent a humorous or creative crime. I will have my camera set up to take these portraits.

-          To pose for a mug shot people simply write their name and crime on a black board and stand in front of the mug shot background.

-          Following the Opening the mug shots will be burned onto a DVD and shown on a monitor in the gallery for the remaining duration of the exhibit. This will encourage people to return to the gallery to view themselves and their fellow criminals.

-          These photos will then be posted to the official mug shot web site at where people can share and download their mug shots.

-          If you missed the Opening you will still be able to pose for a mug shot using your own camera or mobile phone camera.

-          People will be encouraged to email and share their mug shots with their friends, which in turn will increase awareness of the show and for gallery.  

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Past Shows:

New Haven Open Studios CT

Forgot to Laugh Show - Milford CT

DUMBO Arts Festival - Brooklyn New York


Over 250 people came out to have their Mug Shot taken over the two days. To all the photos from the Festival click here

Cultural Passages: Identity Made Visible : Creative Arts Workshop

Mug shot photo published in NY Times promoting the Arts on the Edge Festival


Arts on the Edge


Arts and Ideas Festival : Village of Villages





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