Aidan Moran -  Art

Outdoor Projections




The Mug Shots being projected from the windows of the New Haven Arts Council as part of the Arts on the Edge Festival


Projecting the Mug Shots in the Window of the Exposure Gallery, New Haven CT


Projecting humorous images from the windows of the Hygienic Gallery in New London CT







Night-time Projection entitled "Serious Nonsense" at the artSPACE Gallery New Haven








Rear Projection of Images from the Offices of the Arts Council in New Haven


Visual Concerts

A visual concert is the combination of slide projected images and music. Many years ago I met John Pearson and Charlie Lucke in Berkeley, CA, (I mean where else would you find people doing this crazy stuff !).  Both of them have some how managed to perfected the use of the dissolve unit and at the same amaze audiences with their beautiful photography.  John has a whole section on his web site dedicated to this and even has a sample visual concert for you to enjoy. Please visit John's web site.









John operating the manual dissolve unit




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